Our nuclear advantage

Ontario is a province of strong communities, world-class health care and some of the best colleges and universities in the world. We are also globally recognized as having a robust auto industry, being rich in natural resources, and featuring a high-tech economy and a financial services sector of international importance.

Ontario has many advantages we can build on, but what’s often not recognized is our strong, respected, highly innovative and globally renowned nuclear industry.

Ontario’s nuclear industry generates affordable, carbon-free electricity every day, drives innovation, creates jobs, builds our knowledge economy and sustains one of the most sought after supply chain capabilities.

That’s our nuclear advantage.

Ontario’s Long-Term Energy Plan has earmarked a significant role for nuclear power for decades to come and now is the time for the industry to build on what it does best – providing a reliable source of affordable, clean electricity, while growing the economy.
Bruce Power is proud to be part of Ontario’s nuclear industry and looks forward to helping ensure Ontario continues to enjoy clean air, a strong economy and healthy communities.

By working together we can build on our nuclear advantage.

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